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Windows Taskbar Pinned Item Shortcuts Storage Folder Location

Windows Taskbar is the main feature of the Windows Desktop where the shortcuts to frequently used apps and various other system components are located and can be quickly accessed and opened. Software applications installed on Windows PC [...]

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How to Copy, Backup , Migrate & Restore Sticky Notes in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a UWP-based modern Sticky Notes app that is very useful and convenient for note taking on the Desktop. The Sticky Notes, though useful, is pretty basic in functionality. One major feature that the Windows [...]

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There Are No Previous Versions Available (Not Showing / Not Listed) in Windows 10

In Windows 10, the Previous Versions feature may not be working properly on a disk drive, partition or volume, despite the Shadow Copy (also known as Volume Shadow Copy or Volume Snapshot Service or VSS) and/or System [...]

Access & View System Restore (Shadow Copy / Previous Versions) Backup Files in Windows

Windows operating systems, ever since Windows Me in 1990s era, include a feature that helps to recover the system in the event of BSODs (Blue Screen of Death), errors, crashes, driver conflicts, system files or registry corruption, [...]

Download Windows 10 April 2018 Update Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.1) RTM Media Creation Tool (MCT)

After the false start for Windows 10 Spring Creators Update (SCU) Build 17133.1, Microsoft has finally gone gold with build 17134.1 as the RTM for Windows 10 next major feature update, now renamed as Windows 10 April [...]

How to Download Windows 10 v.1803 RTM Build 17134.1 Bootable ISO (32-bit & 64-bit)

Microsoft has published the official ESD images of Windows 10 April 2018 Update OS Version 1803 Build 17134, the new name for now demoted Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Build 17133. The ESD files are the official [...]

Windows 10 April 2018 Update (Spring Creators Update) v.1803 New RTM Build 17134 Released

It seems like quality control and software testing of Microsoft is going downhill. After originally assigned Windows 10 Redstone 4 (RS4) Build 17133 as the RTM for the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update (SCU) version 1803 by [...]

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Download KB4100375 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 SCU v.1803 Build 17133.73

Microsoft has released the first cumulative update (CU) for Windows 10 Spring Creators Update (SCU) version 1803, codenamed Redstone 4 (RS4), to Windows Insiders on the Fast, Slow and Release Preview rings, ahead of its general availability [...]

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How to Trim Videos in Windows 10 (with Photos)

Want to quickly remove unwanted beginning and/or end of a video before sharing with friends or published to social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and others? Or want to trim the video to show [...]

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How to Reduce Blue Light in Windows 10 with Night Light (Night Shift Mode)

Blue light is a type of high-energy visible light spectrum due to its short wavelength of between 400−495 nm. Various studies show that the elongated exposure to blue light cast by bright screens of the computers, mobile [...]

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