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How to Enable Aero Glass Blur or Transparency Effect in Windows 10

Windows Aero Glass, one of the most loved feature in Windows 7, is making a comeback in Windows 10. Themes based on Windows Aero Glass features various animation and transparency effects into the desktop using hardware acceleration. [...]

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Windows Vista Screen Saver on Desktop Easter Egg

There is hidden special effect for most default built-in screen savers that come with Windows Vista, which many considers to be the hidden Easter egg function that nowadays can hardly found on modern operating system. The hidden [...]

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Easy Way to Determine if Windows Vista System Supports Aero Glass Effects

Some of the popular frequently asked questions since the launch of Windows Vista are whether the computer, or the PC that you going to buy supports Windows Aero Glass Transparency effects? To know whether your notebook or [...]

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Windows Vista Aero Interface and Power Consumption Bill

Windows Aero is the name of the new graphical user interface (GUI) and visual style (or color scheme) in Windows Vista, which propel the interface to an enhanced level of visual sophistication that is more responsive, more [...]

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