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Move Windows Vista Desktop Recycle Bin to Sidebar with RecycleBin Gadget

Don't want any 'rubbish' on Windows Vista desktop to spoil the beautifulness of your favorite background wallpaper or animated DreamScene video motion desktop? Recycle Bin icon on the desktop may be an eyesore to some people, especially [...]

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Logitech Motion Detector and QuickCapture Sidebar Gadget

If you own a Logitech QuickCam web camera, you can save some money from buying a spycam. Logitech has released for free download Windows Vista sidebar gadgets that are designed exclusively for use with Logitech products. If [...]

Search, Download and Install Windows Vista or XP Sidebar’s Microsoft Desktop Gadgets

Microsoft Gadgets or Desktop Gadgets are a mini widget applications that are designed to do variety of tasks or dedicated purpose, such as display clocks, show calendars, RSS notifiers, show at-a-glance view of online instant messaging contacts, [...]

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