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Trick for Windows DreamScene to Support and Play DivX & XviD AVI, RMVB or Other Video Formats

Windows DreamScene only allows video clip in .MPG (MPEG1 or MPEG2 format) and .WMV (Windows Media Video codec format) extension to be set as a DreamScene wallpaper on desktop background. Other formats such as .AVI which popularly [...]

Beautiful Vista Dream Scene Desktop Video Wallpaper with Nature Theme

Getting bored with the bundled Dream Scene background videos come together with Windows DreamScene or Windows DreamScene content pack? If you're also not interested in setting self-made video as background animated wallpaper, or loathe at downloading high [...]

Enable Background Video Wallpaper (DreamScene Alternative) in Windows with VLC

Windows DreamScene (also Motion Desktop) is a nice extra feature that plays high definition video content or movie as desktop background with animated wallpaper instead of static graphic (video demo). Unfortunately, Microsoft only offers the feature to [...]

Windows Vista Ultimate DreamScene Preview Enable for Download via Automatic Updates

Microsoft has released a technology preview version (in other word: beta) of Windows DreamScene via Automatic Updates and Windows Update (or Microsoft Update). If you're Windows Vista Ultimate users, you can download Windows DreamScene for free now. [...]