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Add Window Switcher (Flip 3D) Command to Right Click Menu

Windows Flip 3D and Windows Flip is a new way to switch and jump between opened windows in 3D dimensional or informative view, minimizing the error while selecting target window. Beside, the Flip 3D mode is also [...]

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Restore and Recover Window Switcher (Flip3D or Flip) Shortcut Icon in Windows Vista

Window Switcher is an icon that sits on Quick Launcher bar on taskbar that when pressed, will open Windows Flip3D (if Aero is enabled) 3D dimension or Windows Flip (normal task switcher if Windows Aero is disabled [...]

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How to Turn Off and Disable Windows Flip 3D Switcher in Windows Vista

Windows Flip 3D is a new feature in Windows Vista that dynamically render live comprehensive thumbnail images of the exact contents of all open windows, making it easier for users to identify the window in a graceful [...]

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Play and Test Drive Windows Vista Flip 3D Feature at

One of the new feature or enhancement in Windows Vista is Windows Flip and Windows Flip 3D windows management system. You should be familiar with using Alt + Tab keys in Windows XP, Windows 2000/2003, Windows Me/98/95 [...]

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