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Download Standalone Installer for Windows Live Messenger 8.5 for XP and Vista

The final version of Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) 8.5 with build 8.5.1302.1018 has been released since November 2007. Probably as a way to promote bundle of Windows Live products and services, new or upgrade installation of [...]

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Register Windows Live ID with Hotmail or or Local Domains

Windows Live has plenty of domains including country based ccTLDs domain name to used as Hotmail email alias and the Windows Live ID, from to Users can only register for @live.xx local domain alias as [...]

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How to Register Email Address Alias or is the cornerstone of the Microsoft's Windows Live services, providing freebies including free email address ending with or @Live.xx (xx indicating localized domain). However, up to your taste or preference, somebody may [...]

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Move, Transfer, Migrate and Switch from or to for Fresh Start

Microsoft has officially launched Windows Live ID which has the email address ending in in Windows Live Hotmail. For those who wants something 'fresh', Microsoft recommends that you get a fresh start by getting a brand [...]

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