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Windows Update and Windows Sidebar Problems after Using Vista MUI Tools to Install and Switch to New Language Pack

The Windows Vista MUI Installation Tools is an utility to install MUI (multilingual user interface) language pack into Windows Vista, especially on unsupported editions of Windows Vista which does not allows more than one language been installed, [...]

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Windows Vista Sidebar Weather Gadget Service Not Available

Weather sidebar gadget is one of the built-in gadgets in Windows Vista that users can add to Windows Vista Desktop Sidebar to display weather condition and temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. In some cases, after adding [...]

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How to Enable Windows Vista Sidebar to Run On Boot or System Starts

Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista may not load and start automatically when Windows Vista boots and starts. Windows Sidebar does not start automatically if user accidentally unselect the check box to instruct Windows Sidebar starts with Windows [...]

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Install and Create Vista Sidebar in Windows XP

Fancy having a Windows Sidebar on your Windows XP desktop to display and run popular gadgets such as Live Clock, iTunes Songs, Outlook Info, MSN Video, Remote Desktop Gadget, Google-bar, Weather Forecasts, Calculator, Hangman and KEXP Now [...]

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Search, Download and Install Windows Vista or XP Sidebar’s Microsoft Desktop Gadgets

Microsoft Gadgets or Desktop Gadgets are a mini widget applications that are designed to do variety of tasks or dedicated purpose, such as display clocks, show calendars, RSS notifiers, show at-a-glance view of online instant messaging contacts, [...]

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