“undefined” Appended to URL Causing 404 Page Not Found Error

When checking Apache HTTPD or Nginx web server access log, there are plenty of 404 Page Not Found in the access or error log caused by URLs that are been appended or added with /undefined at the [...]

Change Days to Auto Empty & Delete or Disable WordPress Trash

When posts, pages, comments, images, files, portfolios, FAQs, products, items, custom post types or other elements that use WordPress built-in database structure to store the information are deleted, the items are sent to the Trash folder. The [...]

Load Contact Form 7 (CF7) JS & CSS Conditionally Only on Selected Pages

Contact Form 7 (CF7) is one of the most popular plugin for WordPress websites that supports advanced features, AJAX and plenty of customization options, and can support multiple contact forms display. When Contact Form 7 plugin is [...]

WordPress Plugin & Theme Updates Failed to Write Request To Temporary File

When updating plugins or themes in WordPress Updates, the update failed with the following error message (if you're using inline update in Plugins page, you simply get "Update Failed: Plugin update failed" error message): The update process [...]

WordPress Plugin Has Been Deactivated Due To An Error: File Does Not Exist

In WordPress, a plugin can be suddenly deactivated, with the following error message displayed on the backend or Dashboard web pages: The plugin plugin-name.php has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist. The [...]

.htaccess for WordPress in Subdirectory (Fix 404 Not Found)

When installing the another instance of WordPress in a subdirectory of the main WordPress website installation folder (for example, https://techjourney.com/2ndWordPress/ been the second WordPress instance), and with custom URL structure for permalinks enabled, the WordPress site in [...]

Append or Prepend PHP Function or HTML (Text / Image) to WordPress Navigation Menu

WordPress navigation menu provides an easy way to manage or customize navigation menus on the WordPress powered websites. The navigation menus can include posts, pages, categories, custom links and other menu items added by plugins. Sometimes, you [...]

Create & Add a Widget Area (Sidebar) in Header of WordPress Site

WordPress Widgets provides a simple way to add content and features to sidebars, which can be located in header, footer, and anywhere else in properly designed and structured themes. In addition to WordPress built-in widgets, many plugins [...]

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