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Download Yahoo! Messenger (Standalone Setup Installer Package Link)

Yahoo! Messenger 9, which currently in beta stage, has been updated to version since last December. As [...]

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Download Official Yahoo! Messenger Full Version Install Setup File

Yahoo! Messenger version 8.1 is the current official final version of Yahoo! Messenger that is not in beta [...]

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Download Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista 2007.11.30.421 Standalone Manual Setup Installer

Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista preview release has again also been distributed and available for free download as [...]

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Download Yahoo! Messenger Beta Full Version Installer in Various Languages

The initial release of Yahoo! Messenger 9 beta which is labeled as version is full of bugs. [...]

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Unblock Yahoo and MSN (Windows Live) Messenger Blocking with Email Trick

More and more companies block access to Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) instant messaging (IM) [...]

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Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 Stand Alone Offline Installer Direct Download Link

If you go to Yahoo! Messenger official download page to download latest version of Yahoo! Messenger (, you [...]

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