Technorati Incoming Links Plugin enables Incoming Links feature in WordPress Administration Dashboard to retrieve and feed the results from Technorati engine instead of Google Blog Search. In WordPress 2.3, the Incoming Links information has been switched and replaced with Google BlogSearch search engine as its sole provider. The characteristics of backlinks tracking in Google Blog Search is different from Technorati, with own blog posts may appear in result as shown in guide to replace Google Blog Search with Technorati in WordPress core. This plug-in will replace Income Links feed from Technorati without modifying any source code, ensuring the change is not lost on future WordPress upgrade.


WordPress 2.3 or later, as long as Incoming Links on Dashboard is still powered with Google Blog Search or other non-Technorati engine. Else the feature will be useless.


Technorati Incoming Links version 1.0: (no longer valid)

Source Code of the Plugin:

function technorati_incoming_feed($notused) {
return "".trailingslashit(get_option('home'));
function technorati_incoming_link($notused) {
return "".trailingslashit(get_option('home'));


Technorati Incoming Links Plugin

Unzip the archive, then upload and place the technorati-links.php file into /wp-content/plugins/ directory under your WordPress blog root. Finally, activate the Technorati Incoming Links plugin in the Plugin Management of WordPress Administration. You can immediately see the effect of Technorati based Incoming Links by going to Dashboard.


Deactivate the Technorati Incoming Links plugin and then delete technorati-links.php file in Plugins directory.