Test and Check Website Load Time and Speed with OctaGate SiteTimer

»»»Test and Check Website Load Time and Speed with OctaGate SiteTimer
A webmaster not only have to ensure that his or her websites are always up and running without too much downtime, but also the speed of the web page loading time. So other then monitoring the uptime and continue availability of the web server, a webmaster should also test and check the website load time or the speed of the web server used to search a visitor a web page, as slow page load will drive users away. OctaGate SiteTimer is a free web monitor service that can be used by webmaster or developer to monitor how long it takes for a user or visitor to download one or more web pages from the web site.

OctaGate SiteTimer

When user click on “Start” button in OctaGate SiteTimer after keying the the URL or link location of the website that he or she wants to time, an AJAX request is sent to the SiteTimer server located in Stockholm, Sweden to request a new monitor. As the server of SiteTimer is located in Europe, so that actual website loading time measurements is based on a user located in Europe. Then, SiteTimer web monitor starts to visit “browse” the page requested, and downloads all content that’s directly linked from the requested page, such as images, frames, iframes, script files, and will follow any redirects of web pages. OctaGate SiteTimer also supports and handles properly http compressed material and honors honors keep-alive requests to emulate and imitate exactly as in real-life how a web browser functions. SiteTimer utilizes the faster JSON (Javascript Object Notation) instead of XML.

OctaGate SiteTimer

As the target testing pages are downloaded, SiteTimer stores statistics on how long time each item takes to download, and how much data they contained. The the collected information and measurement is delivered to the originating web browser by responding to the AJAX requests, and be presented on a grid with colored bar shows start time, connect time, time of first byte and time of last byte for every element on the website, in which webmaster can have an accurate indication of time a real browser would spend downloading the content of the specific web page.

Check your websites loading time with OctaGate SiteTimer.

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