ThinkFree Office Online is a free web service that allows users to access, open, create and edit Microsoft Office documents include Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Beside, the documents can be easily converted into PDF format. ThinkFree also enables users to easily share, comment, tag, publish and full text search the documents, all of theses on top of generous 1GB storage space for your documents.


PCWorld has a first look review on ThinkFree Online Office Suite and concluded that “The service’s beta underpinnings were evident in a couple of glitches I encountered as I tested it: I wasn’t able to open a PDF and PowerPoint presentation that I had e-mailed to myself, and while I could open an e-mailed spreadsheet, I couldn’t download it or save it locally.

However, even with a few beta bumps, the service is impressive. The large amount of storage and the easy sharing and collaboration make it ideal for workgroups. In fact, the company recently released a server edition, and it plans to offer small and midsize businesses a subscription service–without ads–later this year. I have a feeling the Microsoft Office folks are quaking in their boots, and if they aren’t, they should be.”

Improve productivity with ThinkFree.

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