In addition to extensions, Google Chrome web browser also had support for plugins (third party binary modules). The plugins in Google Chrome web browser was previously listed under the “chrome://plugins” page, where the user can choose to enable or disable plugins, such as the (in)famouse Adobe Flash Player.

However, beginning from Chrome version 57, the chrome://plugins page is no longer accessible. Whenever you attempt to access the Chrome’s plugins page, the following error appears:

This site can’t be reached

The webpage at chrome://plugins/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Chrome Plugins Site Can't Be Reached

The change is intentional. Beginning from Chrome version 57, the plugins page has been deprecated and removed as more and more plugins been built and maintained by Google, making no much plugins still in use in Chrome, with the exception of Adobe Flash Player. As the result, the developers of Chrome decided to remove the chrome://plugins page and move the configuration for the Flash Player to main central Chrome content settings. In addition, the change is also hoped to make the controls for the Flash Player more discoverable and consolidate modes related to Flash Player (e.g. Plugin Power Savings mode), into a single location.

Thus, if the purpose of visiting chrome://plugins page is to enable or disable plugins, visit chrome://settings/content instead, where all settings and options for most componenets, including PDF viewer and Flash player is now located.

To view the version of various components used in Chrome, visit chrome://components.