Thrustmaster WiFi USB Key for PSP is a USB device that connects to your Internet-enabled desktop or laptop PC USB port to turn the PC into a high speed Wi-Fi wireless router with 802.11g access point which is 5 times faster connection than 802.11b. With the USB key based Wi-Fi device, PSP can be connected to the Internet wirelessly to browse the Internet and play PSP on-line enabled games including Socom, Twisted Metal and Outrun wirelessly. Thrustmaster USB key’s Wi-Fi access point supports up to 5 local PSPs at one time for multiplayer gaming, beside supports also any WiFi enabled devices such PDAs and laptops to access the Internet. Also feature is ‘Fun Access’ software which enables simple installation and tutorials.

Thrustmaster WiFi USB Key for PSP

IGN reviews Thrustmaster Wi-Fi USB Key for PSP and concludes with rating of 7.2 out of 10 that Thrustmaster WiFi USB Key for PSP carries a MSRP of $39.99, which is almost as expensive as many dedicated WiFi routers available today. Those who feel comfortable installing a WiFi router would be better served by the dedicated hardware. Users who aim for simplicity and ease of setup, however, will find the Thrustmaster WiFi Key a fast and simple way to get their PSP online.

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