ThrustVector Controls Afterburner encoder system is an interface tool that allows you to hook up arcade-quality joysticks and buttons to the USB-HID compatible home computer in order to convert the computer into a real arcade machine. Afterburner also features tunable autofiring system, macro system that automatically plays the sequences, common-ground ghost-free system, and ability of programming through LCD screen.

ThrustVector Controls Afterburner

RetroBlast! reviewed Afterburner from ThurstVector Controls and concluded that “I think the Afterburner is a great product which could do well for a specific market. I think the Afterburner will sell great for younger arcade-heads who are more heavily into games like frenetic Japanese shooters, or crazy combo fighting games, or arcade hobbyists who want a very specific customizable level of control. Unfortunately, nothing is ever black and white. Basically, the Afterburner has a lot of nifty features that I know a lot of people will love, and considering what you get, the price is very fair. But if you are putting together a simple MAME set up for the classics, look elsewhere.”


  • Insane level of customization for Macros and Autofiring
  • No Ghosting
  • HID-Compliant – no drivers to install
  • Encodes input into keyboard or joystick input
  • Save up to 96 configurations (with added Expander)
  • Configurations are non-volatile (Still saved after you power it down)
  • Sleek LCD Screen


  • Most expensive encoder on the market (excluding ones that carry video signals)
  • All programming of the Afterburner must be done with the included LCD screen
  • No mounting hardware for LCD Screen, Pots, or Sliders, or PCB feet

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