TomTom Navigator 6 is the latest version of TomTom navigation software for PDAs and mobile phones. TomTom Navigator 6 features installation of TomTom HOME which which enables users to easily manage, download, store and transfer content and services on their PC to their portable device, TomTom Buddies service which allows authorized TomTom users to locate each other and send instant messages, comes with detailed maps of customer’s region plus the major roads of Western Europe on a memory card, realistic visual instructions, spoken direction instructions, direct contact navigation, easy call handling, arrival time planning, speeding alert, instant re-routing if miss a turn, nearby point of interest query, pedestrian centric map, pre-installed Safety Cameras database and etc. TomTom Navigator 6 is compatible with various Pocket PC and mobile phone such as Acer N50, Dell Axim X51V, Eten M600, Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX 720, HP iPAQ H4150, iPAQ H4350, iPAQ HX2190, iPAQ HX2490, Imate JAM, O2 XDA Exec, Orange MPV M3000 Palm 700P/W, Qtek, T-Mobile MDA and Nokia N80.

GpsPasSion reviews TomTom Navigator 6 North America and concludes that “I like Tom Tom. I like the cleanness of the display and directions. I like that it supports a huge number of languages. I believe that’s one of the reasons they do well in the market for navigation software and stand-alone units. I was disappointed in the problems I’ve had with Tom Tom 6 recognizing maps on my SD card (which Tom Tom 5 had no problem with) and with the lack of Bluetooth stability (also originally a problem with 5 that was fixed by 5.21). I’m also a bit disappointed in the lack of improvements in the maps and was even more concerned by some of the odd routing choices Tom Tom 6 made. There are a lot of improvements in this version, from ease of installation, to the inclusion of door-to-door nation-wide (both U.S. and Canada) routing. When you consider all this, I think you still have to conclude that Tom Tom 6 is a reasonable update to Tom Tom 5. There are enough new features and overall improvements to give the upgrade value and I would expect the minor mechanical glitches I encountered to be improved or corrected soon.”