TomTom ONE, a GPS personal car navigation system which based on easy to use and intuitive TomTom Navigator software, been reviewed by MTekk and rated 7.5 out of possible 10.

The review said “As I said at the beginning of this review I could not see any reason why someone would buy a GO 300 in preference to a ONE, however if the signal acquisition is not a problem for you (and it isn’t for me) the GO has some nice touches like auto on and off, better placement of power cords, longer battery life and a better removal system. The speaker system whilst better on the GO is no better at delivering voice prompts than the ONE.

On the other hand if you will be driving in any of the major city CBD’s then the ONE with its SiRF111 receiver is almost a must if you don’t want to add yet another cable into your car via an external antenna.

One of the good things about the TomTom range is the large amount of software options available to you to modify the voices, add additional features, change the splash screen and generally customize the software to suit your needs (within limitations of course). A lot of this is available free over the internet and only requires a small amount of effort if that sort of thing is something you like to do. Out of the box the ONE does not included Speed and Red-light cameras. Some resellers will install these for you (if you ask) others will not, so be sure to check this if it is something you want, otherwise you will have to email TomTom or come to MTekk to get them.

The smaller dimensions of the ONE make it somewhat easier to place in a pocket, this is nearly impossible on the GO series.

Given the price difference between the GO 300 and the ONE (around $200 at the time of writing) I think the ONE is the clear winner when it comes to an entry level Personal GPS Navigation device. With street prices around the $730 mark (RRP $799) there is not much else that can beat it.

If you want a unit that is simple to use yet still contains a lot of features such as toll avoidance, detour re-routing, and other advanced uses the TomTom ONE should definitely be on your list.”

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