Online video sites that allow users to upload and share videos have been increasingly popular and gaining tremendous Internet traffic. According to HitWise (the same technology research firm that said MySpace is most visited website in North America), the current top 10 online video sites where surfers look and search for video clips are as following. Among them, YouTube even commanded more than 100 million times of video clips viewers and watchers a day, about 43% of the video market share.

1. YouTube (
2. MySpace Videos (defunct)
3. Yahoo Video Search (
4. MSN Video Search (
5. Google Video Search (
6. AOL Video (
7. iFilm (now
8. MetaCafe (
9. Grouper (defunct)
10. GoFish (defunct)

Other than the above top 10 free video clips searching, hosting and sharing sites, there are hundreds more of Youtube wannabes or similar alternatives around, with some of the online digital video services provide much more than simple video hosting and video sharing services, with additional features such as video editing and video mixing. Some of the free video sites are as below with brief description or tagline.

  • Revver (make and earn money by sharing video – defunct)
  • Frozen Hippo ( – Funny Clips, Funny Videos, Funny Movies)
  • Blennus (your driveling idiot – defunct)
  • Eefoof (earn money while make and post the videos – defunct)
  • Veoh ( – Internet Television Peercasting Network for video contents distribution in original format)
  • Guba (watch, share and upload Flash, iPod and PSP videos with premium movies and television series from Warner Bros. and Sony available for download, including “Memoirs of a Geisha”, “Spider-man 2”, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, “The Matrix” and “The Jetsons” – defunct)
  • MediaScrape (Internet news broadcast – defunct)
  • ( – allow videobloggers to record, upload, share and broadcast the video clips on their blogs)
  • Ourmedia ( – upload, store, share, publish and discover DIY or grassroot media i.e. video, audio, image and etc)
  • Eyespot (simple Video Sharing and Mixing where users shoot, upload, mix with eyespot mixer to edit and combine your videos, music and photos online, and share the mixes – defunct)
  • Jumpcut (true to its Make Amazing Movies Online, users can upload videos, photos and music, and create their own video or remix other’s video, beside watch, grab and explore shared videos – defunct)
  • VideoEgg (video publishing on your websites and blogs – defunct)
  • Vimeo ( -a really good site for people who like video, and other people)
  • vSocial (The Video Clip Sharing Community – defunct)
  • ClipShack (community for videophiles where users can post and share video clips for general public viewing and comment and post video to blogs. Videos can be uploaded straight from webcam and camera – defunct)
  • PutFile (Upload Video and Upload Images – defunct)
  • Streamload MediaMax (online storage on the Web that gives private and secure place to upload, store, access, and share personal videos, photos, movies, music, and files – defunct although successor The Linkup continues to exist)