Microsoft has added lots of new features, functions and programs into Windows Vista in order to make it a better operating system. There is best top new features in Windows Vista, and certainly there is also useless and unwanted features and functions that if removed from Windows Vista, will in fact make the OS perfect.

Of course, everybody will have different opinions on what’s the most useless and unwanted Windows Vista features. And sometimes, a top feature rated by a person will probably rated as worst by another person or vice versa. Here’s a list of top 5 worst, unneeded and unwanted programs and features in Windows Vista. If you have a different opinions (probably will), post in comments.

  1. User Account Control – A noble initiative to tighten security in Windows Vista to reduce automatic installation and infection by malicious software. But for novice users bombarded with “Windows needs your permission to continue” UAC warning prompt everyday, they won’t care to read will click “Continue” to grant elevated privileges most of the time. If you equally find UAC annoying, here’s how to disable and turn off UAC.
  2. SuperFetch – Microsoft hopes to speed up program launching waiting time by preloading and caching programs’ code into system physical memory, which has considerably faster read-write access speed. Definitely gone is large amount of memory used by SuperFetch, but the result of performance improvement is not necessary coming. Try to turn off and disable SuperFetch and benchmark the performance, you may be better off leaving SuperFetch off.
  3. Remote Differential Compression – A technology to minimize amount of data transferred across network by using compression. However, with the popularity of higher and higher speed broadband and Gigabits network, the benefit is probably much outweigh by the problem the RDC may bring, i.e. slow files copy and move operation.
  4. Windows Defender – Without question, Windows Defender is much improved and will be further improved by the days. However, probably a lot of users already depend on much reliable and much user friendly third party anti-spyware such as Spyware Doctor and etc, and do not need another anti-spyware software in the system in duplication. Furthermore, most user will need free anti-virus program, unfortunately Windows Defender is not one. Here’s the guide to disable and uninstall Windows Defender.
  5. Windows Media Center (WMC/MCE) – If you’re not turning the computer into an entertainment center to view TV channels and play DVD movies, Media Center is probably useless. To get rid of MCE, try guide on how to disable and remove MCE.