YouTube has released the ranking of most popular video clips on, a video sharing and hosting site. The ranking of top videos on YouTube is not just based on how many millions of times (yes, millions) the video been watched or viewed, but also takes into account the most shared, most discussed and top rated clips to determine the general popularity of clips which got people thinking and talking about the most. Let’s recap these wonderful videos again, which many of them is the best and most favorite.

The video uploaded to YouTube that has the most number of viewers is “Battle at Kruger”, which has been watched more than 21 millions times.

The eight-minute video clip was originally filmed in 2004 by Jason Schlosberg during his safari in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The clip showed the epic battle between a herd of water buffaloes, a pride of lions and a crocodile over seizing a young buffalo calf. The calf’s life was saved after the lions, earlier fought off the crocodiles’ attempt to steal the prized calf, were sent feeling by charging buffaloes. The clip has been featured on ABC News and Time magazine.

2008 is election year for President of United States of America, if you will probably be surprise if in this Internet era, no video clips related to election make it to the most popular list. Well, you won’t be surprise then. The “‘I Got a Crush…On Obama’ by Obama Girl” video, created by Barely Political, is also one of the favorite videos in 2007, which has been viewed 4.5 millions times, and many more times on television’s news and talk shows. The video features a young sexy girl sings of her love for the Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

Who is the most infamous or dislike celebrity in year 2007? Most answer will point to Britney Spears. However, there are people, such as Chris Croker who loves the idol very much. The “Leave Britney Alone” video clip uploaded in September has been played more than 14 millions times, and is the fourth most-commented-on video in YouTube’s history, drawing in excess of 200,000 comments.

In the video which captured close up of the instant YouTube star Crocker, he cried and broke down in tears as he lashed out on the media and paparazzi for focusing on scandals of pop singer Britney.

Music video where Esmée Denters, a amateur YouTube poster turned future sex love sound singer from the Netherlands sang “What Goes Around” of Justin Timberlake drew 13 millions visitors. Which other medium can give such as publicity?

Following closely is “Chocolate Rain” music video clip, a popular Internet meme, where the original song was sang by Tay Zonday. Since uploading in July 2007, the clip has been played by more than 12 millions viewers.

When a video is popular, the artist not necessary has to be a human. How about a cat? The piano playing cat named Nora starring the “NORA: Practice Makes Purr-fect” that successfully attracts almost 7.5 millions human surfers to listen to her.

The cat may be popular, but Nora still lose to otters, in term of viewership. “Otters Holding Hands” records two cute sea otters float around, napping and holding hands in Vancouver Aquarium, and manages to touch the hearts of over 9 millions people.

How about the most viewed video clip ever on YouTube? Nothing yet beat “Evolution of Dance”, an amazing 6 minutes clip that has been viewed almost 70 millions times, and growing.