Google Earth is a virtual globe 3D mapping program of planet Earth. It maps the entire earth by using images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS over a 3D globe. With Google Earth, users can fly and zoom to all places on the earth and view the details in high enough resolution to see individual buildings, houses, and even cars, with some cities even available in 3-dimension.

With such a high resolution ranging from 15m to a pixel to 0.15m to a pixel, and map coverage of the whole surface of the Earth, couple with easy search and navigation with Google Earth, some interesting and mysterious landscapes, spot and structures have been found with Google Earth.

Flyin’Globe (service no longer available) is a site that collects all kinds of interesting find of aerial pictures and satellite photos, especially with Google Earth. The most interesting places can be places as seen on TV, famous places & buildings, cities, beautiful landscapes and nature wonder, strange and mystery spots and places that have been covered up or blacken up by Google Earth.

You can join in the discussion about the finding too about what exactly is about the phenomenon. Some findings include The face of Jesus in the Sand, Flying Car in Australia, Amazing Iceberg Formation, Amazing ‘Red’ Dune Formation at Saudi Arabia Desert, Kodak Theater, Lost Indonesian civilization of Tambora, Birds in Flight and etc.