If you have migrated to 2007 Microsoft Office System suites or programs, but want to know how to take full advantage of the new set of powerful tools found in the 2007 Microsoft Office system, or want to know how to make use of the Microsoft Office 2007 new advanced and upgraded features to help you to work more effectively and efficiently, then The 2007 Microsoft Office System – Learning Portal provided by Microsoft for home workers, office employees, IT professionals and developers is for you. The learning portal allows Office 2007 users to, for a limited time, take free e-learning courses, find special offers for classroom training, and download free e-reference books from Microsoft Press.

Microsoft Office

Resources that available to home and office workers and staffers include e-book from Microsoft Press, e-learning training courses and classroom trainings, most available for free now for a limited time. For IT professionals, e-learning clinics and labs plus reading references and guides, virtual labs, and classroom training are available, most also available for free now for a limited time. Developers can download books from Microsoft Press and participate e-learning clinic, also available for free until further notice.

Gain knowledge on Microsoft Office 2007 from the Learning Portal (no longer available). You can also get hands on experience with Microsoft technology and attain the technical skills for the IT project you are working on today or will be working on tomorrow, by attending trainings and courses conducted by Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning. Special offers are available from 2007officeoffers.com (no longer available).