Kayak is an online travel site that enables you to search for cheapest deals on airfares, hotels and car rentals. Kayak is actually a meta-search provider that search other travel related sites for best deals and low prices. The benefit of it is wider selection of travel discount products which ranging from airlines such as JetBlue, travel suppliers and online travel agents such as Expedia and Travelocity, all available in Kayak. After searching, the search can be refined for better results that suit your need, or simply re-arranging the search results.


BusinessWeek had a hands-on on Kayak travel search engine and reviewed the Kayak search results. It found that Kayak is able to aggregate travel listings from hundreds of sites, although the listings is not always the best deals. Kayak also lacks SideStep’s price-comparison toolbar.

Overall, BusinessWeek concluded that “both Kayak and SideStep have taken online travel searching to a new, much more pleasant level. And there are a few reasons to go pick Kayak over SideStep. It has multicity search, which SideStep lacks, and is about to introduce flexible travel dates, letting you search for travel within a preset number of days before or after a given date, another feature I love. Typically, I don’t have to travel on exact dates, and I’d like to know the best fare without having to do multiple searches.

SideStep should take note. These are still early days in the meta-search wars and Kayak could yet outpace its competitor with better features. But until then, it’s more of an occasional tool than regular online destination for me.”

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