Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 is easy-to-use video and movie disc authoring and CD or DVD writing and burning software, which includes support for HD DVD and Blu-ray disc burning with add-on modules plus provision of high density (HD) TV broadcasts. DVD MovieFactory 5 features a common launcher to all tasks, quick drag and drop files, folders, MP3s and WMA music files to desktop icon for burning, capture TV and Video from any device including VHS, DVD or camcorder, HDTV capture from any HD source including cable, satellite or broadcast, direct buring from camcorder to DVD disc, PureHD Capture and Ad-Zapper which edit out the TV ads automatically.

EMedia Live (dead link) reviews Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 and concludes that the appeal of Multitrim is that it lets you do this kind of edit in such a simple, straightforward software. Ulead hasn’t made any changes to the Multitrim function for this version, but frankly, they didn’t have to. Beside, the software’s bold claim that it’s the “first consumer DVD authoring program to offer HD-DVD and Blu-ray DVD support” is more or less an empty boast for the time being.

PC World (dead link) concludes that for video disc creation, Ulead’s $50 package certainly has a lot to offer, and it offers what it has in a reasonably logical manner that’s less intimidating than that of some competitors. I liked enough about MovieFactory to want to keep on using and experimenting with it. However, I suspect MovieFactory will turn into just one component of my arsenal as a supplement, but not a replacement for burning suites from Nero or Roxio–which cost about twice the price of MovieFactory 5.

About reviews MovieFactory 5 and gives the DVD authoring and burning software 4 out of 5 stars, and concludes that Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 is a very easy-to-use and affordable DVD Burning program for Windows PC users. What sets it apart from other DVD burning apps is its support for High Definition Camcorders and future support for HD DVD and Blu-ray. To get the HD DVD and Blu-ray burning capabilities, you must download a free HD DVD burning pack from the Ulead Web site, and Blu-ray is not yet available according to a recent Ulead press release. However, since HD DVD and Blu-ray burners are not yet available to consumers (as of this writing), not having the HD DVD and Blu-ray functionality built-in to the program isn’t a major issue. I enjoyed using this product, and found it easy to use, without having to constantly refer to the manual. I give Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 four out of five stars.

IT Reviews concludes that this is an excellent general-purpose CD and DVD creation program, which is ready for the next phase in silver-disc media. It’s truly easy to use and handles the many, diverse types of CD and DVD you may want to create on your PC. The price, particularly for upgrade, is very reasonable, too.