TVants is a P2P stream TV which depends on TVants users for distribution of media and also bandwidth allocation for of media streaming. The unique feature of TVants is TVants allows users to easily broadcast their own channels through TVants. The channels can be TV channels broadcast or streaming media contents found on the web.

After installation of TVants, a default TVants server – – will be used to retrieve the list of channels available on TVants network and exchange network statistics information and control between users’ clients.

However, some TVants users may encounter difficulty and error while accessing to search for channels, causing the message of “No channel exists in the list. Please retry search or browse our website “” for channels”. In the events tab, there will be error “Failed to resolve host”.

The problem may be caused by DNS server unable to resolve the IP address of correctly. The resolution is the manually set the IP address for in the hosts file of Windows operating system:

  1. Click Start -> Run.
  2. At the text box after Open:, key in “Cmd” (without quote).
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Key in at command prompt: cd c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  5. Key in at command prompt: edit hosts (Newer Windows operating systems do not come with edit command. Run Notepad as Administrator to edit the file instead)
  6. Add in the following line:
  7. Save the hosts file by pressing Alt-F then pressing S.
  8. Exit the edit program and exit the command prompt.
  9. Restart the TVants program and search for channels programs.

Note: This is just one way of editing hosts file in operating system. You can use whatever way to achieve the same purpose – to add in the line “” to the hosts file – such as by searching or Windows Explorer.

Beside, you can add in the following servers to the TVants client at Servers tab, which are the same server as new new (new default)

The TVants client will connect to the server by using port 16600. So ensure that your router, firewall or network configuration doesn’t block outgoing port 16600. is the most reliable and the official server for TVants. There may be other TVants servers that exists in the Internet, as TVants client allows users to set up their own servers to serve the Internet. However, as these servers are from individual users, their reliability is not consistent.