Portmanager is an FreeBSD utility that automates the process of upgrading and managing installed FreeBSD ports without or almost without user intervention when updating. Portmanager ensures that FreeBSD installed ports accurately reflect and update as of those available in the ports tree.

To use portmanager, the FreeBSD ports collection tree needs to be updated with CVSup or Portsnap.

If your system hasn’t have portmanager installed, portmanager can be found at /usr/ports/sysutils/portmanager. Just go to the directory and run “make install clean” to install it.

To check the status of all ports and ports’ dependencies installed on your system:

portmanager -s

To update all ports installed to up to date with your ports tree:

portmanager -u

Meanwhile, portaudit is a utility that checks the installed ports against a database of published security vulnerabilities to ensure the security of the system is not compromised.

To install portaudit, use the following commands:

Install the port:

cd /usr/ports/security/portaudit/ && make install clean

Add the package:

pkg_add -r portaudit

After installation, portaudit will fetch and update the security database automatically and include its reports in the output of the FreeBSD daily security run. Beside, before any ports installation or update, portaudit will check the ports’ versions against any vulnerabilities and alerts you if there any security implications.

With portmanager and portaudit, the installed ports and applications in FreeBSD system can be updated easily and ensured of always free of security holes.