If you like to download lots and lots of free contents such as games, software applications, polyphonic ringtones, true tones, videos, logos, pictures images, photos and wallpapers to your mobile phone or cellphone, then Mobango is the site you looking for. Mobango, described itself as mobile power, is the Universal Mobile Community that allows cell phone users to upload, store, publish, convert, and share with friends their user generated contents or materials which accessible from the website for desktop and mobile devices and can be used to personalize the mobile phone. That’s mean, you can download everything from Mobango that the users made public and shared for free.


Other than gaining immediate access to thousands of public mobile files and downloading mobile contents to your phone or PC, after registering with Mobango mobile file sharing site (www.mobango.com), users can also upload ringtones, wallpapers, videos, games, photos, java apps and other contents from desktop PC to Mobango, and let Mobango convert and adapt all types of files to mobile files and then users can download the files to the cell phone Mobango mobile site wap.mobango.com (deprecated, will send SMS or email instead) accessible via wml browser on your mobile phone. If you like to share your contents and allow other Mobango users to download your files or materials, simply tag the file as public instead of private collection.

Mobango service is not restricted to any brand or type of cellphone, nor limited by any mobile service provider. Beside, each file is limited to 10 MB in size. Each user has 100 MB of personal WAP storage. After you upload your mobile files, or you have found some interesting mobile contents or materials that you want to download to your phone, transfer them to Mobango “WAP Locker” before downloading them from your mobile phone WAP browser, as Locker is just single click from mobile home page, which make the download process easier. Of course, users can search for mobile stuffs using Mobango WAP site too, but as you should have experience with mobile websites, it’s generally harder to use compared to normal websites intended for desktop PC users. And the wireless costs (GPRS or 3G) will likely costs a bomb too.

Mobango is all about user community, so you can treat Mobango as an alternative to MySpace too, as you can search for other users based on their age, sex, country, make and model of phone. Members can exchange messages and files through both the desktop or laptop computer and mobile Mobango WAP site. However, the social networking features are limited as of now, but for sure, the sharing of mobile stuffs is excellent, and you will most likely find whatever stuffs, contents and materials no matter it’s a polyphony ringtones, true tones, mobile games, java applications, pictures, operator logos or custom logos, screen savers, images, photos, video clips (you can treat Mobango as Youtube for mobile), wallpapers and etc that you want to download to customize and make your phone special.