Jeyo Mobile Companion is a desktop companion application for Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC Phone Edition device that allows users to operate the mobile phone function, manage SMS and contacts on the mobile device directly from a Windows PC through a Outlook-style user interface. Unfortunately Jeyo Mobile Companion (JMC) version 1.1 hasn’t been updated to be fully Vista-compliant yet. However, JMC 1.1 should work on Windows Vista with little trick.

The main problem for Jeyo Mobile Companion when running on Vista system is that the program is unable to connect to the mobile device, and the status always shown “Not Connected”. Below tip will provide a workaround to solve this problem.

  1. Run Jeyo Mobile Companion on Windows Vista PC.
  2. Go to Tools menu.
  3. Select “Install CAB/HME File” from the drop down menu.
  4. You will see a file selection dialog box. Simply click on the “Network” icon at the bottom of left pane of the dialog window. Once you click on the “Network” icon (to indicate that you want to browse the Network location), JMC should automatically connect to the smartphone.