Nokia Lifeblog is a digital photo album tool that comes in 2 components. Lifeblog comprises of a Microsoft Windows PC software program and a Series 60 mobile phone application that synchronize between themselves. Lifeblog organizes the digital media on the mobile phone including photos, text messages sent and received, MMS sent and received, movie clips captured by creating a store for the media and information, and synchronize them with the desktop PC so that users can view, search, edit, and share the images, audio clips, video clips and messages. Lifeblog also allows the user to create notes, and features ability to post the data to a LifeLogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, or other Atom-powered blogs, while photos can be sent to a Flickr account.

Nokia has released Lifeblog PC software version 2.x (currently at version 2.1) for Nseries Nokia phones such as Nokia N70, N71, N73, N80, N90, N91, N92 and Nokia N93. Lifeblog 2.1 for PC features new flexible sync approach, Windows-style user interface, audio annotations from phone, ability to search by calendar entry, location or contact detail, configurable automatic delete, undo/redo commands, local printing capability, editing via external applications and etc. Best of all, Lifeblog 2.1 for N-series is free download and does not require any license key or code to work. But, as mentioned earlier, Lifeblog 2.1 is exclusive for Nokia N-series mobile phone only, which also has phone component Lifeblog version 2.

There is a trick or hack that allows Lifeblog 2.1 (or version 2.x of Lifeblog) PC part to be used with Lifeblog phone part of earlier version such as Lifeblog phone 1.x such as version 1.6, 1.51 or 1.0. Other Nokia S60 series mobile phones such as Nokia 6260, 3230, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682 and Nokia 7610 is intended to use Lifeblog PC version 1.8 which requires to purchase a license key. So crack the Lifeblog 2.1 with the following hack trick so that it can be used with your S60’s Lifeblog 1.8:

  1. Download Lifeblog phone component for your S60 series Nokia mobile phone from Lifeblog (resource no longer available).
  2. Install Lifeblog for phone on your Nokia phone.
  3. Back to the Lifeblog homepage, choose any N-series phone, and download the Lifeblog 2.1 for PC.
  4. Install Lifeblog 2.1 for PC on your computer. No license code or key is required.
  5. Locate and navigate to the folder (or directory) on the PC where Lifeblog is installed (normally is c:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia Lifeblog).
  6. Find and open SyncConfig.xml file in any text editor.
  7. Before modifying SyncConfig.xml, you may want to backup any existing Lifeblog data, and create a backup copy of SyncConfig.xml.
  8. Uncomment the first <Adapter> element, by removing the <!-- and -->.
  9. Save the edited SyncConfig.xml.
  10. Done. You’ll be able to read the data from the mobile Lifeblog 1.X into PC Lifeblog 2.X. But bear in mind that the usage is not officially supported, and some metadata may not be supported in this way.