VDC Live is a Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service with the tagline Television Everywhere. VDC Live is an a live on demand video streaming service which is browser and Windows Media Player-based and available to Windows PC and Windows Mobile, PDA and Smartphone portable device.


VDC Live currently has channels (some for PDA and Smartphone only) from AP Global Newswire, AP News RAW Live, Fashion TV, Travel Channel, BBC America, MavTV, The Pentagon Channel, NASA Television, Q Television Network (QTN), Discovery Channel, TLC, Men’s Outdoors and Recreation, Healthy Living Channel, iDrive TV, Resort & Residence, High Definition Demo, Adrenaline Nation TV, Video Game Channel, Resi Moovie Classics, QVC, ShopNBC and Celebrity Shopping Network. Currently VDC Live only available to users in United States.

Tablet PC Review Spot streamed TV channel video contents from VDC and concluded that mobile entertainment services like VDC are going to be important as users demand more access to programming while on the go. While VDC’s content offerings are a little thin, they do offer tremendous quality in an easy to use interface, with PDA/smartphone access for free. It’s definitely worth checking out; they currently offer a few channels for free, like NASA Television, that showcase the quality of the service.


Easy to use
Excellent quality
Works well on PDA/smartphones


Content offering is limited

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