You design and publish a website to the Internet, how can you make sure that your web pages are shown as intended without distort to the viewers and visitors? People in every corner of the world uses different kind and multiple version of web browsers to visit your sites or blogs, in different screen resolutions with own choose of enabled or disable features. The varieties can lead to a situation where some visitors see the website in its best shaped layout while some others have webpage partially cut off if the website is not tested by the webmasters in all possible browsers.

The common symptoms or problems for a website viewing in multiple web browsers in different operating system platforms include sidebar or navigation bar been pushed down to bottom of the layout, page width is larger then screen resolution where only left part of web page is visible, scrambled layout of page design elements, distorting view, script such as JavaScript error and etc.

It’s almost impossible to install each and every web browsers on your system to test out your website or blog. Doing that not only is an overkill to run one by one on many system resolution, but it’s also not possible to install all available and diverse web browsers on one system, unless you want to set up virtual machines. Giving the trouble of testing websites, comes to rescue.

BrowserShots is handy open-source online service for webmasters and bloggers which makes screenshots of your web design in different browsers running in different operating systems, allowing users to check for browser compatibility. When you enter and submit your web address (any valid URL link location that you want to test and see how it looks like in different browser), it will be added to the job queue. Once your job queue reached, a number of distributed computers will open your website or the URL you entered in their browser, and then capture the screenshots. The client computers will then upload the screenshots made to the central server of Users can then view the screen shots to check how their websites appear in different browsers.

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BrowserShots supports emulation of almost all web browsers on Linux, Windows, Mac OS and BSD, including Arora, BonEcho, Dillo, Epiphany, Chrome, Firebird, Firefox, Iceape, Iceweasel, Flock, Galeon, GranParadiso, Kazehakase, Konqueror, Minefield, Mozilla, Links, Luakit, Lynx, Midori, Navigator, Opera 9.23, Phoenix, SeaMonkey, Internet Explorer (MSIE), Safari, Rekonq and more.

BrowserShots also allows users to select their choice of screen size and color depth, and whether to enable or disable Javascript, Java and Flash support while simulating viewing the website.