Vonage V-Phone is a small USB device that allows you to take anywhere, and together with it, your phone number and inexpensive VoIP calling rates or unused minutes. Vonage V-Phone USB Softphone kit can be plugged into any computer’s USB port and V-Phone Softphone client will install itself and pop-up for you to use or dial.

Vonage USB VoIP SoftPhone Kit

Beside WRAL, TMCnet has also reviewed Vonage V-Phone and concludes that “you have to wonder why a person would even need the Vonage V-Phone. I will say that the V-Phone could come in handy if you make a lot of international phone calls, since cell phone calls to international destinations are still outrageously expensive. Then again, you can head over to Skype, download the Skype client for free and charge your SkypeOut account with $40 worth of phone minutes instead of paying $40 for the V-Phone.”