Voyetra Turtle Beach Ear Force HPA headset is a set of 5.1-channel headphones with an inline headphone amplifier that brings the same multi-speaker surround sound technology found in home theater system to the headphones. Earforce HPA ear cup contains discrete front, center, rear, and subwoofer speakers, and the headset has volume controls for each sound channel and a master volume control. Beside, detachable microphone can be used for interactive on-line gaming, Internet phone or voice control of your PC.

Voyetra Turtle Beach Ear Force HPA

PC Magazine reviewed Voyetra Turtle Beach Ear Force HPA headphones and concluded with very good rating of 4 out of 5 that For $99, this is a very good-sounding set of 5.1-channel headphones, suitable for regular music listening as well as movies and gaming. The microphone attachment adds another dimension for chatting during online gaming. Just make sure you have a sound card capable of surround output. Gamers and PC owners with 5.1-channel sound cards will be fine with the included multichannel amplifier, but laptop and home theater users will want to check out the Audio Advantage Roadie (also from Turtle Beach), which provides more connectivity options.

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