Google releases several premium video contents on Google Video to be public for free download and viewing where previously the video clips and movies cost between 99 US cents and US$14.99. The videos are supported by sponsored streaming ads which run at the end of videos, and the page hosting the premium video also features advertiser’s logo and text advertising in a banner promoting the company sponsoring the content.

Free Google Videos

The advertisers featured now on the videos include Burger King, online DVD rental Netflix and Hewlett Packard (HP). Clicking on the banner containing the ads will bring viewers to advertiser’s website. There is also an option to let viewers watch advertiser’s promotional video. And the amateur videos that feature prominently and very popular on Google Video would continue to be free of charge and ad-free.

Video advertising has become popular as the use of broadband increase, along with online population who watches videos online. For Google Video, advertisers bid to sponsor individual videos and winners can run a 15- to 30-second advertisement after the premium video ends. At the conclusion of the campaign, the advertiser would receive stats on its video ads campaign performance.

Google free videos are featured on a Google Video Free Today page at (service no longer available). Currently the free video contents available include Ask the Builder, Charlie Rose, classic movies such as Charlie Chaplin, Glorifying the American Girl, Dick Tracy, Dishonored Lady, college sports, video from Documentary Channel, extreme sports, Felix the Cat, Mighty Hercules, movies such as Image Entertainment’s The Backyard, Mr Magoo, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Roger Ramjet, music news and wrestling shows.