FIFA World Cup, the most important tournament for the most popular sports in the world, Football (more commonly known as soccer in USA) is now going on live in Germany 2006. FIFA World Cup is like Olympic Games, held only once every 4 years, and normally all the best and most famous footballers and soccer players will represent in their national teams, and thus making World Cup tournament is a must watch for avid football addicts and lovers.

However, if you cannot watch Germany 2006 World Cup tournaments, due to no subscription to cable or satellite channels, exorbitant fee of the sports channels and the matches are not live telecast on local free-to-air channel, now you can watch the World Cup matches online, in live or near-live telecast, by using peer-to-peer (p2p) torrent technology.

To watch football matches live telecast online via P2PTV streaming just as you’re watching a live television, you have to download and install some software applications that designed to redistribute video streams on a p2p network, such as PPStream, SopCast or TVants (no longer available – check out more streaming apps here).

Currently, most of the TV and video contents source on these P2P TV networks are from China, so you’re actually watching sports channel from China. To watch live telecast or any broadcast of football and soccer matches, including FIFA World Cup, Champion League, Euro and etc, you need to know which channels that actually will show the sports event, else you may need to tune to each channel to try your luck.

For Germany 2006 FIFA World Cup tournament, some TV channels (most with the downside of commentary language) that are broadcasting the live telecast of the football matches are as below. Listed is the direct link to the channel itself. If you have install the respective client, click on the link will launch the P2PTV client and start the channel.

CCTV-5 (in Chinese)

TVAnts (457 Kbps), TvAnts (295 Kbps), TvAnts (295 Kbps), TvAnts (916 Kbps),
TvAnts (1229 Kbps – Sunlight World Cup Live Telecast), TvAnts (418 Kbps)

PPStream (400 Kbps), PPStream (400 Kbps), PPStream (340 Kbps)

SopCast (364 Kbps)

Guangdong TV Sports Channel – GDTV Sports (in Cantonese)

TvAnts (68 Kbps), TvAnts (439 Kbps)

PPStream, PPStream

SopCast (450 Kbps)

NuSports (registration required and fee-based)

TvAnts (364 Kbps)

Special or Dedicated Channels (Brazil in Portugese)

* Web TV Cruzeiro – Globo SporTV (in Portugese)

SopCast (203 Kbps)

* InterTV – WebTV Colorada (in Portugese)

SopCast (233 Kbps – widescreen)

* TV TriColor Fechada – Tv Grêmio (in Portugese) includes ESPN Brasil

SopCast (109 Kbps)

ESPN Asia (in English)

TvAnts (281 Kbps), TvAnts (281 Kbps)

SopCast (364 Kbps)