Sling Media’s SlingBox is a small device that connects to your audio/video or home entertainment system and enables you to remotely control watch your TV programming, satellite or cable receiver, Tivo, ReplayTV and DVR components from wherever you are by streaming from SlingBox.


SlingPlayer (for desktop PC and laptop) is the software that will virtually turn any Internet-connect PC into your personal TV. SlingPlayer use proprietary SlingStream streaming technology to stream video source from SlingBox. SlingRemote meanwhile allows you to remote control your audio visual system back home just like a real remote control with function such as changing channel or setting the DVR to play or record.

SlingPlayer Mobile extends SlingBox mobile TV capabilities to portable Pocket PC PDAs, Windows Mobile devices, cell phones or smartphones to to view your local television and recorded content right on the device. Similar to SlingPlayer, it streams your home TV or any other video source via various high-speed cellular services like EV-DO, UMTS, WiFi, USB or Bluetooth connection.

Clinton Fitch (link dead) used Slingbox and SlingPlayer Mobile and reviewed the functionality of the device, with lots of screen shots and usage guides. They concluded that using SlingPlayer Mobile is much like using the remote control for your television, cable or satellite tuner or DVR. You can stop and start the player as well as adjust the volume with the icons and slider located in the taskbar area.

Overall the SlingPlayer Mobile is outstanding. The quality of the video and audio are terrific and the easy-of-use of the player means there is virtually no learning curve associated with it. For any Slingbox owner who uses a Windows Mobile device, this should be a must-have addition to your device!

Watch your video and TV stream everywhere with Slingbox.