Webaroo is a internet utility that packs selection of essential, frequently visited or favorite websites into a small database to enable users surf Internet and search the web when offline and not connected to Internet. Webaroo provides fast, free and ubiquitous web search experiences on mobile phones, PDAs and laptops when there is no Internet connection. Webaroo dub themselves search… unplugged.


TMCnet used Webaroo for offline searching and concluded that “My expectations were low and skepticism high. I knew Webaroo wouldn’t be able to handle my e-mail or instant messaging without an Internet connection. Nor was I expecting the ability to post on message boards or download video on demand.

But I was hoping for enough of the basics to answer reasonable questions.

More often than not, I couldn’t easily get what I wanted.”

They suggest that “Webaroo does provide some of the information you might need on the go, but unless you have plenty of storage space, I wouldn’t bother. Spend that offline time reading a book or smelling the roses; either will be more enjoyable than trying to surf an abbreviated Web”.

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