Webroot Spyware Sweeper developer Webroot Software describes Spy Sweeper as able to detect and completely remove the nastiest spyware out there such as Elite Keylogger, LOP, Trojan Backdoor-Haxdoor, and iSearchDesktop. With new FlexDef technology, Spy Sweeper also identifies and eliminates never-before-seen spyware on the fly without the need for spyware definition, beside common Spy Sweeper feature – 16 advanced Smart Shields, including ActiveX, Toolbar, and Spy Communications shields to block new spyware installations. All advanced features of Spy Sweeper are on top of advanced removal engine that deletes and removes the toughest spyware programs, include mutated or “root kit” spies.

Sci-Tech Today reviewed Webroot Spy Sweeper 4.5 and gave the rating of 4 out of 5, and concluded that Webroot’s consistent efforts at monitoring threats have made Spy Sweeper one of the most respected and effective antispyware solutions available, with other advantages such as frequent updates to a large spyware-definition database; intuitive user interface; real-time protection and on-demand sweeps. Scan speeds are slow enough that you’ll want to schedule them for off-hours, but the end results are worth the wait. Other cons include inconsistent support for Firefox and other alternative browsers.

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