Website Tonight is an online web-based web site creation tool that enables users to build and publish professional looking websites in a few simple steps without the need to learn and knowledge of HTML or website design skills. Website Tonight guides the user through the entire process of outlining, building, analyzing, optimizing, and, publishing a website or web page to the Internet, based on pre-designed site templates. Most web hosting companies that offer Website Tonight site builder package such as Godaddy, usually also include free hosting and email at no extra costs.

AC (dead link) built a website by using WebSite Tonight 3.0 from where there are nearly 700 templates to be chose from. In the review AC concludes that “I did find that WebSite Tonight 3.0 was somewhat tricky to use, because of apparent glitches in the software. Font styles and sizes kept changing on me. I would try to add an image or a simple feature such as a hit counter or a link, and it would often take several tries before the image or feature actually appeared. Most frustrating of all were the times when I placed copy in a content block, got it to look exactly the way I wanted it, hit “OK”, and saw it all disappear. Clicking on “OK” was supposed to save the page. keeps adding new features to WebSite Tonight 3.0. It now offers free e-mail, RSS feeds, flash intros, photo slideshows, and a “Coming Soon” page, among other features. I’d prefer to see take the frustrating glitches out of WebSite Tonight before they add fancier features.”

Beside, AC also reviews Godaddy hosting and found that “’s hosting claims seem to have been accurate. If my website was ever down in the past 7 months, I never knew it. I’ve checked it frequently, especially when it was newly published, and I never had difficulty pulling it up, nor has anyone reported problems accessing it.”