While searching for information for ability to use Tribal Fusion and ValueClick together as default campaign for each other, a Google Press Center’s press release titled “Google Expands Advertising Monetization Program for Websites” was found. The press statement, released on June 18, 2003, marked the official launch of Google AdSense self-service option to website publishers, enabling sites to serve Google ads contextually targeted to the specific content of individual web pages to maximize revenue potential while enhancing user experience.

An old thread in WebmasterWorld forums, Google AdSense launched today, was also started on the launch day of 18 June 2003 itself. From the thread, one can revisit the technical difficulties faced by Google AdSense during its launch, and some minor mistrust and confusion among publishers community towards the new advertising platform especially on payout ratio and CPC costs. It’s also interesting to see as early as the first week after official launch of Google AdSense, there was already complaints about earning from Google AdSense has dropped and reducing earning per click.