Search engines war is getting heat up and more competitive as major search engines especially Yahoo! and Windows Live, try to unseat Google from its jewel crown – leading and increasing share of search market in the US and the world. With constantly evolving search engine technology and ranking algorithms, each search engine want to produce better results for its users, but who is the best?

According to DMNews (original article removed), MSN and Google produced the most relevant search results in a study released by search marketing firm IntraLink from Cincinnati, Ohio. MSN scored 19 out of 25 to rank first in relevancy of search results while Google’s relevancy was ranked second with a score of 18, with Yahoo and AOL trailing at 13 percent relevancy score and earned a score of 11.

IntraLink also found that Google, AOL and MSN had the “freshest content,” while showed the oldest information, and concluded that Google performed better than any other search engine on delivering up to date information.