A new preview build of Windows 10 has been released to Windows Insiders on the Fast ring. Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19628 also marks the first release from MN_RELEASE (Manganese) branch, instead of the usual RS_PRERELEASE branch. Microsoft claimed that builds from MN_RELEASE branch are not matched to any specific Windows 10 release, and change is on short-term basis. However, rumor is that Windows 10 20H2 has been codenamed Manganese internally. Manganese branch release is expected to last till later part of June before the Fast ring been switched to Iron (Fe) branch, which may be become the release branch for Windows 10 21H1.

Windows 10 Build 19628 does not add many new features. The notable change is support for DNS over HTTPS (DoH). DNS over HTTPS allows DNS (Domain Name System) resolution to be performed via HTTPS protocol to encrypt the data between the DoH client and DoH-based DNS resolver. DoH improves the user privacy and security by minimizing the risk of eavesdropping and manipulation of DNS data by MitM (Man-in-the-Middle) attack. The unsecured DNS has long been considered the weakest link after the increasing popularity of HTTPS.

Fixes in Windows 10 Build 19628

  • Updated version of Korea Microsoft IME introduced with Windows 10 Build 18941 has been reverted back to the previous one.
  • Fixed an issue causing some devices fail to update with error code 0xc0000409.

Known issues

  • Narrator and NVDA users that seek the latest release of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium may experience some difficulty when navigating and reading certain web content. NVAccess has released a NVDA 2019.3 that resolves the known issue with Edge.
  • Update process hangs for extended periods of time when attempting to install a new build.
  • In Settings > Privacy, the Documents and Downloads sections show a broken icon next to their page name (just a rectangle).
  • IIS configuration being set to default after taking a new build. You will need to back up your IIS configuration and restore it after the new build is installed successfully.
  • Taskbar preview thumbnails aren’t rendering consistently (showing a blank area).

To download and install Windows 10 Build 19628, join Windows Insider program and set to receive update on the Fast ring. Then, check for updates in Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update.

Update: Windows 10 Build 19631