Microsoft has announced a new SKU for Windows 10 that is officially available with Windows 10 Version 1607, aka Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The new SKU, Windows 10 Pro Education, will join other existing Windows 10 editions to make the mainstream Windows 10 SKUs available for selection for a desktop, laptop, hybrid, convertible and other PC as Windows 10 Home, Pro, Pro Education, Enterprise, and Education.

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 Pro Education builds on the commercial version of Windows 10 Pro and provides important management controls needed in schools. Windows 10 Pro Education is effectively a variant of Windows 10 Pro that provides education-specific default settings. In true sense, it’s a downgrade for people who is using Windows 10 Education edition to switch to Windows 10 Pro Education, as Windows 10 Education is a variant of Windows 10 Enterprise. But it makes sense to move Windows 10 Pro on academic license to Windows 10 Pro Education, which will comes with education-specific settings as default.

Windows 10 in Education

The differences between Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Pro Education is essentially similar to the differences between Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education, where the later lacks advanced features such as Device Guard, Credential Guard, BrancheCache and the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service. However, both Windows 10 Pro Education and Windows 10 Education will have some common features removed with education-specific default settings such as Cortana1 and disabling of tips, tricks and suggestions & Windows Store suggestions. Windows 10 Version 1607 also introduces new features and functionality, such as simplified provisioning with the Set up School PCs app or Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD), easier delivery of digital assessments with Take a Test, and faster log in performance for shared devices than ever before for academic users, except on Windows 10 Home.

So, how to get Windows 10 Pro Education? Windows 10 Pro Education is available on new devices pre-installed with Windows 10 Version 1607 that are purchased with discounted K-12 academic licenses (e.g. National Academic or Shape the Future) through OEM partners. Existing devices running Windows 10 Pro which are currently activated with the original OEM digital product key and purchased with discounted K-12 academic licenses (e.g. National Academic or Shape the Future) through OEM partners will upgrade automatically to Windows 10 Pro Education as part of the Windows 10 Version 1607 installation. Customers with Academic Volume Licensing agreements with rights for Windows can get Windows 10 Pro Education through the Volume Licensing Service Center at a later date.