Due to holiday season, Microsoft has paused the Windows Insider program until early January 2007 after releasing Windows 10 Build 14986 in early December. There won’t be official release of Windows 10 Creators Update preview builds to Windows Insiders, but this doesn’t stop a newer preview build to leak for Windows enthusiasts to play with over the holidays.

A new Windows 10 preview build has leaked on Christmas Eve. The leaked build is Windows 10 Build 14997, and it comes from Microsoft’s internal Development Branch with the name of rs_onecore_base. The Windows 10 Creators Update preview builds that Windows Insiders received are coming from rs_prerelease branch.

As it’s unofficial leak, no changelog accompanied it, but various new features are spotted, including improved Settings app, ability to download themes from Windows Store, low blue light and enhancements to Edge web browser.

As Microsoft is certain to release more preview builds to Windows Insiders at the start of 2017, sooner rather than later, this unofficial leak is not recommended as it may contain bugs and performance issues which typically reduced on builds that pushed out to Windows Insiders.

The full name for the Windows 10 Build 14997 is 10.0.14997.1001.rs_onecore_base.161218-0833_amd64fre_client-enterprise_volume_en-us-CENA_X64FREV_EN-US_DV5.iso, a x64 variant, which can be found on various online or torrent download sites.

The next official build from Microsoft is expected on the first weeks of 2017 when Windows Insider program resumed.

Update: Windows 10 Build 15002