Spyware Confidential reviewed Windows Defender Beta 2 to see its ability to remove spyware. The reviewer Suzi Turner is not particular valued a test by PC Magazine on Windows Defender, where Windows Defender was tested again 6 keyloggers.

Spyware Confidential concluded that Windows Defender detected and removed approximately 65% to 75% of the spyware compared to SpywareDoctor and SpySweeper. Windows Defender left behind quite a few registry keys. It did better with file removal than with registry clean up. WD failed to remove some spyware that initiated the download of AdwareSheriff when I reconnected the vm to the internet.

Beside, Spyware Confidential also found annoying feature that even though real time protection features is turned off, Windows Defender still tries periodically to add a new task to the Windows Task Scheduler for a daily scan. And also, there is no way to check for updates from within Windows Defender program, all updates is done via Windows Updates.

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