Windows Vista Ultimate users with Windows DreamScene Preview installed can now download additional four video backgrounds that can be set as the DreamScene motion desktop background. The new videos are packed into a download named Windows DreamScene Content Pack, available for free download via Windows Update, which will continue to available even after the Windows DreamScene final version is released.

The four videos in the Content Pack are:

  • A field of thistle, with a bee gathering pollen
  • The rushing water of a forest stream
  • A streetlamp reflected in a puddle, with softly falling rain
  • Orange wisps flowing in a computer-generated scene

Windows DreamScene Content Pack will show up in Windows Update for those who has installed beta version of Windows DreamScene. So to download it, simply click on “Check for updates” in Windows Updates to has the Content Pack listed as one of the download options. Both Windows DreamScene and the Content Pack is part of the Ultimate Extras package.