Do you still in doubt or don’t understand why Windows DreamScene may worth your every penny to upgrade your PC and purchase Windows Vista Ultimate, instead of lower and cheaper edition of Windows Vista? The following video clip which demonstrating Windows DreamScene full motion desktop (also named Borealis) in play in real premium ready Windows Vista computer will give you actual demonstration and view of the Vista animated desktop background with the WOW power of DreamScene, especially when integrated with Windows Vista Aero Glass interface.

Video no longer available
Video: Demo of Full Motion Desktop

Another video showing Windows DreamScene full motion desktop in action during a seminar.

A longer length user captured and contributed video demo of Windows DreamScene, with step by step intruction guide on how to use Windows DreamScene and how to select a video as full motion desktop background.

Video no longer available
Office demo Windows DreamScene video from showing quality HD contents optimized for Windows DreamScene or using home video.

Windows DreamScene is part of Ultimate Extras package available for Windows Vista Ultimate users only.