Email storage space war continues, but this time between just Microsoft (Windows Live Hotmail) and Google’s Gmail, as Yahoo! has long since offers unlimited free (virtually infinity amount) email space for Yahoo! Mail service. Windows Live Hotmail ups its free email storage space amount to 5GB, which was previously has only 2GB allocation. With this increase, the pioneer and predator of huge email space, Gmail, is beaten hands down, with space limit counter still crawling slowly towards 3GB, expected to hit somewhere next year.

Windows Live Hotmail

Windows Live Hotmail space usage indicator has upgraded to 5GB right away, while Google is trying to sell larger storage space for a small fee.

Hotmail Space Usage Indicator

According to Windows Live Hotmail blog, paid user will get 10GB of Hotmail space. Beside, Microsoft also improve performance, reliability and quality of service of Hotmail. Items in junk and deleted folders will also have longer mail retention period before been automatically purged. Other features that worth noting include ability to clean up and avoid duplicate contacts with “Contacts de-duplication”, easier way to show blocked images and links, ability to report phishing attacks, smaller email header text and hence email size, email forwarding (to Hotmail only for free accounts), vacation replies, cobranding where Hotmail been white labeled as an organization or company, and other navigation changes.

With the increase of space, support for 2 right-to-left language – Hebrew and Arabic has also became officially out of beta.

Update: Windows Live Hotmail is now known as and provides virtually unlimited storage space, while Yahoo! Mail 1TB and Gmail 15GB.