Windows Live Safety Center is a new security service from Microsoft that provides free scanning and PC health service that performs, among others, quick and free scans of your system for viruses, and other threats, if any detected, help delete viruses and other threats. Beside, Safety Center also performs on-demand tune ups and clean-ups of your PC, and in the process allows you to be kept informed of the latest security issues.

Redmondmg reviewed Windows Live Safety Center and concluded that “until Microsoft Client Protection becomes available to a broader audience with a beta, we won’t know whether it will be able to compete with client protection products from other vendors. That said, if Microsoft delivers a product with comprehensive protection features and easy management, any organization with an extensive Windows infrastructure will want to test and evaluate it.

Microsoft Client Protection could turn out to be a blockbuster if Microsoft is successful at building a reputation for the protection program during its first year of existence. On the other hand, if the product comes up short — whether it’s missing key features or faltering in its protection capabilities – Microsoft won’t gain significant market share. No matter how this develops, though, you won’t be able to ignore Microsoft Client Protection. I highly recommend following the development of this product and planning for early testing as soon as a beta is out.”

Note: Winodws Live Safety Center was replaced by Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner, and then by Microsoft Safety Scanner.

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