Windows Live Search has officially out of beta and released by Microsoft at as an anchor product with new core search technology to compete with search leaders Google and Yahoo, beside becoming an important platform of future Microsoft technology. At, surfers able to search various information on Internet such as web pages, images, news stories, products and questions and answers similar to Yahoo! Answer. However, how’s the easy of use, search quality and search results relevancy of the

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TG Daily (dead link) searches several keywords with Search and concludes after the first look that Live Search is without doubt Microsoft’s most compelling search tool so far. The functionality and ease of use of the core search as well as the image search is dramatically improved over the previous MSN Search. Overall, Live Search may still be a mixed bag today, but it’s good enough grow into a more serious challenge for Google and Yahoo. At this time, it is pure speculation whether Live Search has the potential to become an actual threat for Google or not. But Microsoft has made its first move and the impact of the strategy may become more visible with the introduction of more Live services as well as new software such as Windows Vista and the new Office package.

BusinessWeek (dead link) gives editor’s review rating of 3 out of 5 and concludes that Windows Live Search may not score originality points but does make for a solid search experience. The good points are that it offers both no-frills and info-rich, customized search, and related results are relevant. While the bad points include looks a lot like Google and video search still in beta.

Fool reviews Windows Search from the point of view of how the new search engine will affect Microsoft’s bottom line, and concludes that “I don’t see or adCenter as the catalysts to achieve more than that bronze medal around its neck. That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with third place at a lucrative feast in a niche where there’s plenty to go around and advertisers are only going to come in harder over the next few years.”

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